The human body, both anatomically and figuratively, is at the root of my work, which stems from the fact that I am a heart transplant recipient and have lived a life reliant on medicine.  My past and present experiences force me to see the body as fragile rather than the traditional symbol of vigor.  In my work, I place an emphasis on the physical delicate nature of the body as well as its abilities for healing. 
   I am a collector of images and styles that provide inspiration for my work.  Histology slides, anatomical illustrations, and textile patterns assist in visually pushing my ideas further.  My own upbringing as a Cuban American is another main source of inspiration.  Growing up in Miami, I was exposed to different sects of Afro-Cuban religions and spiritual practices.  Much of my life is focused around the scientific aspect of healing, but I am also fascinated by the ability for spiritual healing through ritual and meditations. 
   I believe that each material possesses intrinsic qualities that must be given attention.  When making, I consider each separate material to be their own “bodies,” meaning that they are susceptible to growth and decay.  In order to work best, one must understand the qualities and work with them.  With these qualities in mind, I am able to push the materials further and experiment with unique forms of presentation.